Solar Panel Cleaning

xline solar panel cleaningDid you know?:

  • Regular cleaning of your solar panels will give up to 35% more energy output therefore 35% more efficiency
  • The use of purified water will leave a spot free sterile surface
  • Living in the midlands our water has a high mineral content ,Hard water (with a high mineral content) can eventually build up heavy deposits.
  • Cleaning your solar panels in  the incorrect way may damage your panels reducing  energy output therefore losing the efficiency of your panels.
  • Everyday brooms and brush’s could damage the surface of the the panel
  • General and household soaps and detergents could also damage your panels

Our cleaning equipment:

The use of reverse osmosis filtration is used to create a 0 mineral content (purified water) this water is then applied to the solar panel using telescopic access equipment and ultra soft bristle brush heads, this is then left clean and sterile.

We clean domestic panels and commercial panels big or small!

Areas covered:

  • Domestic panels throughout the midlands
  • Commercial panels throughout the country



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